Pawsitive Thoughts On The Pet Shield

Joe Kelly

Trainer’s Best Friend

“The Purr’n Pooch Pet Shield is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools that I have used in working with dogs. It has saved me from getting bit countless times and it has also saved tons of dogs from ending up in the hospital. The Pet Shield should be in every pet resort, boarding facility, doggie daycare, veterinary hospital and multi pet owning homes.”

- Trainer Joe Kelly

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The pet shield is kid safe

The Pet Shield Is Kid Safe

“The Purr’n Pooch Pet Shield is a wonderful tool that I was able to use training my new puppy with my children. It helped control the jumping and nipping that occurs with puppies. My children still use it, to control the movements of our German Shepherd. I recommend the pet shield to all households that have kids.”

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